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Advertising will promote your commitment to an inclusive and diverse workforce that will improve the culture and performance of your organisation.

Our Target Audience:

Our target audience is individuals from the UK's Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic communities, top managers at larger corporations and organisations and is appropriate for line management, owners/partners of women-and minority-owned businesses, and educators and students. Our audience is diverse in race, gender, orientation, ability and age - and includes senior executives, community leaders, educators and professionals, key influencers and decision makers - all passionate about diversity in their professional and personal lives.

In particular, Diverse magazine encourage individuals from the UK's diverse communities to seek employment, education and training opportunities offered by the Diversity Champion organisations that are promoted in the publication.

Reader Demographics:

  • 65% women
  • 50% Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic
  • 15% LGBT
  • 50% line executives and professionals
  • 25% top management
  • 10% work in HR or Diversity Management
  • 78% work for large companies (1,000+ employees)

Diverse Magazine website and newsletter rates

The Diverse Magazine website attract many thousands of hits each month and is an integral part of Diverse Magazine. The website compliments the publication providing additional space to publish even more details of Diversity news and issues.

We also have the Diverse Magazine E-newsletter which is mailed direct to your desk every two months so you can receive the latest news as it happens.


Website Advert                Size In Pixels                    Price
Full Banner ad                  500 (w) x 100 (h)            £150 per month
Wide Skyscraper ad          150 (w) x 562 (h)            £250 per month
Square ad                        250 (w) x 250 (h)            £300 per month

Diverse Magazine E-newsletter
602 (w) x 250 (h)            £150 per newsletter


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