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Under the Equality Act you can serve a potential employer with a discrimination questionnaire if you suspect foul play – it might not solve the problem but it shines a spotlight on it. A recent report by the all-party parliamentary group on race and community, focussing on black, Pakistani and Bangladeshi female workers, has uncovered racial discrimination and other barriers at the recruitment stage. The inquiry also found that many job applicants of ethnic minority had changed their name or appearance to try to overcome prejudices – and when they did their scope for getting a job increased. Of course,...



In Barlow v Stone (2012 IRLR 898) the Employment Appeal Tribunal had to decide whether an employee could bring a discrimination claim against a colleague even though no claim had been made against the employer. Facts Barlow brought a claim against his employer alleging disability discrimination under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA), including a failure to make reasonable adjustments. Later a fellow employee (Stone) made a complaint to the police about Barlow, alleging abusive and threatening behaviour – an allegation which turned out to be false. Barlow then presented a second complaint to an employment tribunal, against Stone, alleging discrimination by way of victimisation (in...