McDonald’s offers fixed contracts to 115,000 UK zero-hours workers

Fast-food chain makes move after staff complained they were struggling to get loans, mortgages and phone contracts McDonald’s is to offer 115,000 UK workers on controversial zero-hours contracts the option of moving to fixed contracts with a minimum number of guaranteed hours every week. The move is a significant development in the debate about employee rights because McDonald’s is one of the biggest users of zero-hours contracts in the country. Sports Direct has also used workers on zero-hour contracts in its shops. The fast-food chain is to offer fixed-hours contracts after staff in its restaurants complained they were struggling to...


Law must be tougher over dress code discrimination, say MPs

MPs conclude ‘troubling’ cases of sexism, including forcing women to wear high heels or revealing clothes, are evidence Equalities Act 2010 is inadequate Women who face demands at work to wear high heels, makeup or revealing outfits require a new legal framework to halt such discrimination, a parliamentary report has concluded. Two Commons’ committees have called for a review of current equality legislation after gathering evidence of sexist instructions issued to hundreds of female employees but not to their male colleagues. The findings published on Wednesday contradict reassurances from Theresa May that current equality laws are adequate. When she was...


Sexual harassment at work is getting worse. We need to stamp it out

A study shows half of all women have faced abuse – and for younger workers the figure’s even higher. We have to ensure those who report it are not victimised… On my last day at work a colleague told me that his biggest regret was that he didn’t get the chance to have sex with me in the store room before I left. For months I had been scared to go into that room on my own because he always said things like, ‘I’m coming to get you’, and ‘Don’t go in there alone, I’ll jump on you’.” “The most...