This project targets local people in Liverpool who are excluded from the jobs market to break the psychological barriers to self-employment, and identify solutions and routes to reduce the impact of isolation on targeted disadvantaged or socially excluded groups. Target beneficiaries are from the priority wards of Liverpool, in Princes Park, Central and Riverside. In particular this project is for disadvantaged groups that include; ex-offenders, victims of discrimination and people with learning disabilities, low basic skills or addiction-related illnesses face particular problems in finding employment in the project’s target area.

The project aims to help these groups overcome their psychological and educational barriers and actually become self-employed. Support is provided to people from socially deprived and diverse communities into self-employment and include:

* Emotional intelligence, Life Coaching
* Business Planning
* Business Law
* Business Marketing and Sales
* Business Finance and Accounting

The project starts at the roots of the problem, tackling people’s lack of belief that they could ever become self-employed by developing emotional intelligence, personal motivation and a sense of well being.

Holistic support is provided through group workshops and one-to-one support, led by specific industry experts, coaches, role-models and volunteers. This includes 1-1 and peer mentoring, particularly for participants with anxiety or a history of depression. Beneficiaries will receive rare access to interactive games to show the importance of graphic communication, business quizzes to help participants work in groups, stress management sessions and active bookkeeping games. A Dragons Den’ activity, following the format of a BBC television programme, is also included in the project, allowing participants to present their business idea to a small group of experienced business people who will ask questions and challenge the trainee entrepreneurs. This is designed as practice in talking about the business idea and making a case to others that the business can be a success. The sessions are recorded so that the participants can see themselves afterwards and learn from their mistakes. Once participants have increased their confidence, the project looks to provide them with the skills they need to run a business focussing on effective business planning and financing.

Anyone interested in joining this project should call 0800 193 8485 (option 3) or email email

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