Chair’s Report
2015-2016 has been an exciting and successful year to launch Diverse Magazine’s new services in pilot schemes to help organisations create new job opportunities, give the best support for long-term jobs and market their events involving all groups in local communities.

This year, Diverse Magazine has taken a big step forward by investing £7,500 from donations to provide new services that were requested by local organisations. The strategy was to use this generous financial opportunity to create and deliver new services for employment and marketing opportunities that are fundamentally needed in our local communities.

An example of these services is the range of support services to give organisations across all sectors the skills and knowledge to provide the best support for vulnerable people at their workplace or accessing their services. Our Recruitment Selection Support Service, engaged with a small charity, Tranmere Community Project (TCP), who provided education to vulnerable young people suspended from school and a private dental practice, Sweet Smiles. The support service was asked to give advice about how to include diversity in advertising and recruit employees from diverse characteristics with the aim to bring jobs to all parts of the local community without discrimination.

This service was successfully delivered across the year and increased diverse related candidates by 23% on average. This an incredible result for a pilot project that was due to the Diverse Magazine team who worked so hard to achieve the best results to a high-quality work.

We are delighted that we excelled beyond all expectations in the successful outcomes of these projects and strengthened our position to take the strategy to the next stage. Next year we are now in a position to apply for funding to deliver these services across Liverpool and the Wirral to bring all parts of the communities together through employment.

Our strategy is supported by our relationships with the Liverpool Commonwealth Committee and regional health group organisations such as Liverpool Social Care Partnership and educational organisations such as Liverpool Central Libraries who hacve excellent focus and commitment to advertise our services across whole communities so we can engage at a deep level.

I would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation and gratitude to the Trustees and local volunteers for their tireless work this year and the fruitful cooperation from our community partners to achieve this great success.


Garth Dallas, CEO/Chair


Download the 2015-2016 Annual Report here

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