Diverse magazine was launched in October 2005 in print format as a product of Global Diversity Partners Ltd. It quickly developed into an important source of credible information for diversity professionals, educational institutions and the general public.

The magazine also developed a strong reputation for promoting diverse communities and organisations. It is widely recognised as an authority on diversity issues and provides quality information on UK diversity and inclusion, keeping up to date with changes in legislation and case law.




After a series of company restructuring Diverse Magazine was incorporated as a Limited By Guarantee Company in February of 2014 and the magazine and all branding subsequently transferred to this company.

Due to research information that showed that our audiences have now, more than ever, gone online, the decision was made to focus more on developing the digital version of Diverse magazine. Hence the magazine is digital, though we will produce printed versions to commemorate various special diversity events and milestones.


Our Target Audience:

Our target audience is individuals from the UK’s Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic communities, top managers at larger corporations and organisations and is appropriate for line management, owners/partners of women-and minority-owned businesses, and educators and students. Our audience is diverse in race, gender, orientation, ability and age – and includes senior executives, community leaders, educators and professionals, key influencers and decision makers – all passionate about diversity in their professional and personal lives.

In particular, Diverse magazine encourage individuals from the UK’s diverse communities to seek employment, education and training opportunities offered by the Diversity Champion organisations that are promoted in the publication.

Reader Demographics:

  • 65% women
  • 50% Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic
  • 15% LGBT
  • 50% line executives and professionals
  • 25% top management
  • 10% work in HR or Diversity Management
  • 78% work for large companies (1,000+ employees)

Regular Features:

  • Listing of UK Diversity organisations, businesses and individuals
  • Diversity Management issues
  • Diverse magazine Top 10 Companies for Diversity
  • Supplier Diversity
  • Diversity Education and Training
  • Diversity Employment and Recruitment
  • Employee surveys
  • Benchmarking Diversity
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